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• Introduction •

Do you play games with friends, but you are having trouble to find a fixed date where everyone can join you?

Or you are working together on a server-project and would like to coordinate your team?
If this looks familiar to you, GameLobbies could help you.

With GameLobbies you can team up with your partners and plan your further actions. The leader suggests dates for events (such as gaming-sessions or clanmeetings) and sees who will participate, even delays are scheduled.

GameLobbies is ideal for MOBA-Teams as well as communities or similar groups.

There are already sooo many messengers, why should I use GameLobbies?

• Features •


On the guestlist you can directly see who will participate in the next event, who will be delayed by how many minutes or maybe won't be there at all.


During the development we attached great importance to spare unnecessary features.


The App is designed to function even with a slow, unstable internet connection.

• Screenshots •